Comforté - Natural Relief from Menstrual Cramp

Why It's Unique...

  • Natural & Safe - everything in Comforté is derived entirely from plant sources and so is safe to use
  • Fast Acting - it takes only a few minutes for the skin to absorb this cream and so the vast majority of women report express pain relief within minutes of use and lasting for several hours or the rest of the day. Each person does vary, however because it's an entirely natural product which is applied to your skin you can use it as often as you feel necessary
  • Preventative treatment - at the first twinge of cramping massage a penny-sized drop of your cream on any areas of discomfort - tummy, lower back, breasts or anywhere you feel discomfort
  • Periods are part of our lives but period pain (or Dysmenorrhea) doesn't have to be - with 1 in 7 of us suffering debilitating cramps, and particularly as periods tend to be heavier and more painful in the colder months, don't go another day without Comforté

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