TweezeHer Menstrual Cup (Size 1 - Small) OR (Size 2 - Medium)

Our New Menstrual Cup is inserted similar to a tampon allowing menstrual fluids to be collected rather than absorbed

* Made using 100% Medical Grade Silicone it is Flexible, Hypoallergenic, Safe, Comfortable & Easy to Use

* Included - your Menstrual Cup, Transport drawstring Bag & Full Instructions for Use (MultiLingual) - Please note that  colours vary as shown

* An Eco-friendly and Inexpensive alternative to Tampons or Sanitary Pads

* We recommend using Size 1 (the smaller of the two) if your are under 30 and /or have not given birth, Size 2 (the bigger of the two) is suggested if your are over 30 or have given birth. While there's not a big difference between the two sizes it is important to use the correct sizing to prevent leakage and as we know every woman is different after all

The fact is, menstrual cups have been used for around 80 years, but the truth about them and their use had decreased with the introduction of disposable tampons and pads. So if you are new to using them it may feel totally different to the sensation of tampons. Many women who were used to wearing pads as their preferred method of period care (because they cannot wear tampons or are not comfortable with internal feminine hygiene products) are now finding great success using A Menstrual Cup

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